Decorating Your Apartment

As is the case in the residence halls, you will be responsible and possibly charged for any changes you make to the condition of your apartment (e.g., damages, missing furniture). The following tips will help you to avoid charges at the end of the year.


When decorating your apartment, please note that adhesives of any kind will cause damage to walls, cupboards and laminated surfaces (e.g., closet doors) when removed. To avoid substantial charges for repair, do not use nails, pins, thumb tacks, decals, stickers, holders, hooks, "Stick-Ups" or contact paper on any apartment surface. Under no circumstances should nails, hooks or any item which might leave holes be placed on walls, cupboards or closet doors.


The Office for Residence Life requests that you do not place anything on doors inside or outside your apartment. Items such as memo boards, writing, tape, stickers, decals and contact paper damage the finish and/or paint on the doors.


Your apartment is fully furnished by the University. The living room/dining area contains a full complement of furniture, which leaves little to no space for additional pieces. The average size of the bedrooms in Klekotka, Moulden, Rudolph and Welsh Halls is 16 feet 8 inches by 11 feet 7 inches. The average size of the single unit bedrooms in Farley, Gallen, Jackson and St. Clare Halls is 10 feet by 8 feet 6 inches, and the average size of the double unit bedrooms in these buildings is 15 feet 11 inches by 11 feet 5 inches. Please keep this in mind when making decisions on bringing additional furniture. All University furnishings present in your apartment at the time you check-in must be in your apartment when you depart.


Painting is the responsibility of the Facilities Management Office. Residents are not permitted to paint their apartments. Should your apartment need painting, you may request service from the Facilities Management Office.

Seasonal Decorations

For fire safety reasons live Christmas trees and/or evergreens are not permitted in the apartments. The Office for Residence Life will provide further information to all apartment residents regarding seasonal decorations during the first week of November.