Resident Assistant Mentor Program (RAMP)

RAMP is a fall semester leadership preparation and exploration program for freshmen, sophomores and juniors who may be interested in future RA candidacy.

Students participating in RAMP meet in a small-group format approximately every other week during the fall semester.  Each group meeting will be facilitated by a Residence Life professional and a current RA.  At these meetings, students will be introduced to various roles of the RA position, participate in activities designed to define and develop leadership styles, and hone interviewing skills.

RAMP is designed to:  
•    Help students develop valuable leadership skills that are transferable to any organization.
•    Help students gain a better understanding of the RA position.
•    Help students develop skills that may enhance their future RA candidacy.
•    Allow students the opportunity to develop new friendships.

Participants are expected to:

•    Attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled meetings during the fall semester.
•    Adhere to the Code of Student Conduct and remain in good academic standing.
•    Actively participate in their residence hall community and are encouraged to become active in Hall Council.

Application Process

RAMP applications are available online from March - August each year.  The online application can be found here

  • Students interested in attending RAMP will be notified in January with available RAMP workshops.

Please feel free to contact us by email to with any questions.