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Parents Move-In
Welcome to Residence Life!  Whether your daughter or son is a new or returning resident, we hope that you find the following links and information helpful.
Main Office Location
Ground Floor, Stanford Hall
Phone: (610) 519-4154
Fax: (610) 519-7303
Other Office Locations
Sullivan Hall - Ground Fl.
St. Mary's Hall - Ground Fl.
Stanford Hall - 1st Floor
St. Rita's Hall - 2nd Floor

Common Housing Questions

Upper Class Housing Selection

Campus Resources

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Air Conditioning
All halls except St. Rita's Hall are equipped air conditioning. For fire safety reasons, students may not bring individual room or window air conditioners to the residence halls. Fans are permitted and encouraged.

Cars on Campus
Freshman residents and Sophomore residents are not eligible for on-campus parking privileges. All inquiries about parking should be directed to the Department of Public Safety, Parking Division, (610) 519-6990.

Facilities Concerns
If there is a facilities or maintenance concern in the residence halls, students can follow this link to submit a service request directly to Facilities Management.  In the event of a facilities emergency, such as flooding, electrical concerns or lack of heat, students should call:

  • Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-3:00 pm: Facilities Management Office, 610-519-4420
  • All other times: Public Safety at 610-519-6979

Students can also seek out their RA for assistance with facilities concerns.

Learning Communities
Application and admisssion to residential learning communities are overseen by the Office for Student Life.  If you wish to apply to a learning community, you may do so when you complete your housing application beginning May 6th.

Deliveries and Packages
Sending flowers, balloons, and other deliveries to students for special occasions is coordinated by our Department of Public Safety. For some help finding a local company, please click here.  Prior to arriving on campus, the company should contact the Public Safety Office at (610) 519-6979 and hit “1” to speak with a dispatcher. The company should inform the dispatcher about the delivery and should provide the student’s name, residence hall and room number.  A Public Safety Officer will meet the delivery person at the assigned hall and escort them to the student’s room. If the student is unavailable, the Public Safety Officer will not enter the student’s room. The delivery will be left outside of the student’s room.

To send packages to your son or daughter, please address the parcels as follows for students residing in halls on Main or South Campus (Box # under 5000):

Student's Name
Student VU Box Number
Villanova University
800 E. Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Please address the parcels as follows for students residing in the West Campus Apartments or in St. Mary's Hall (Box # over 5000):

Student's Name
Student VU Box Number
Villanova University
250 N. Spring Mill Road
Villanova, PA 19085

Please address the parcels as follows for students residing in The Commons (Box # over 8000):

Student's Name
Student VU Box Number
Villanova University
862 E. Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Students will receive a notice in their mailbox or an email informing them that a package has arrived and to pick up their package at the Mail Desk in the Mail Room.

Resident Assistants
Students with problems or questions often turn to their Resident Assistants (RA) for help.  Resident Assistants are students who live in the residence halls and have been specially trained to provide appropriate assistance to other residents.  Since RAs are still students, parents should not contact RAs directly.  If you have a question or concern, please contact the Area Coordinator for the appropriate hall or another member of our staff.  We will be happy to speak with you, follow up on your concern and relay any important information to the RA.

For more information about what it takes to become a Resident Assistant, please click here.

Roommate Conflicts

The most common roommate problems stem from differences in lifestyle and personal habits: one roommate sleeps lightly, while the other prefers noise; one prefers to study in the room, the other wants the room as a social gathering place. Living in close quarters with limited privacy is an adjustment each year. Don’t assume that the roommate is always the “bad guy.” There are two sides to every story.

Students may feel apprehensive about confronting roommates about these issues. As a result, they may avoid facing the problem. When the student calls home with roommate complaints, encourage him or her to discuss these issues with the roommate. Often encouraging the students to clarify personal expectations, and to agree on compromises, can solve the problems.

If the roommates have difficulties working the issue out, encourage them to consult the RA. The RA can assist the residents in developing a roommate living agreement that encourages communication and compromise, clarifies expectations and can be helpful in mediating conflicts.

Sometimes the roommates really do have more serious problems that cannot be resolved through mediation. If that occurs and attempts at mediation have been unsuccessful, your son or daughter may ask the RA to help them complete and submit a “room change request” to the Office for Residence Life.

Room changes are contingent on vacancies being available in the buildings where your son or daughter might be willing to move and may not be immediately available. Residence Life will not reassign a resident of a room based solely upon the request of a roommate(s). The resident(s) initiating the request will be granted the room change, subject to availability.  All room changes must be approved by The Office for Residence Life.  More information about room changes can be found here.

Housing Selection Eligibility

Residency in Villanova University on-campus housing is restricted to full-time, undergraduate students taking at least 12 credit hours. The University does not provide family, graduate student or married student housing, except for designated University employees.

Current residential capacity permits the University to offer students admitted as full-time residents three years of continuous on-campus residency. A fourth year of residency will be provided to those students who were admitted to the University as first-time (non-transfer) students under a special program that guaranteed an additional year of on-campus housing or via a housing lottery. If a student withdraws from university housing for any reason and desires to return, he/she is no longer guaranteed residency and will be housed on a space-available basis.

Transfers, Commuters or Non-guaranteed Seniors - please click here for more information.

Housing Selection Process

First-year college students are assigned to rooms and buildings using a variety of criteria, including date students submit their housing application and participation in designated learning communitites or special interest housing.

Upper-class students are provided with the opportunity to participate in a class-specific room selection process that utilizes a computerized, randomly generated number to determine the order in which residence hall rooms and/or apartments are selected for the following academic year. Previous housing assignments, assignment to a “triple”, difficulties with roommates, facilities concerns, academic standing, participation in special activities and other factors are not considered when generating selection times. For more details regarding upper-class housing selection, please click here.