Off Campus Housing Resources

Find a Roommate 

The "FIND A ROOMMATE" form is provided to assist Villanova University students in finding an off-campus roommate.

This site is password protected and is only open to Villanova University students seeking other Villanova University students as roommates in off-campus housing. Villanova University has not inspected nor investigated these properties, landlords or roommates and makes no endorsements.

Area Apartment Complexes

Please see our list of area APARTMENT COMPLEXES  located within 7 miles of the University.

This list is provided for convenience and does not contain pricing or availability. Students should check with each apartment complex for this information. Villanova University has not inspected nor investigated these properties/landlords and does not endorse any specific properties/landlords. Villanova University does not post available property listings from individual landlords. Landlords and students often use local newspapers or online services for local housing availability.

Township Approved Student Homes

Many neighboring townships have enacted zoning ordinances that restrict the number of students that can live together in a particular property. These ordinances also restrict where students can lawfully reside within the township. Below are the lists of the Township Approved Housing. 

PLEASE NOTE:  These homes are approved for student use solely by the townships, not the University. The University does not inspect, investigate, or endorse these properties or landlords in any way.

Additional Resources

The Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of the Vice President for Student Life are available to assist students with reviewing leases, and to provide insight on properties and off campus living. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these services, in addition to thoroughly assessing a property before signing a lease.

The Graduate Students housing guide prepared by the Office of Graduate Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is available in pdf format.

Good Neighbor Guide