First-Year Housing Assignments

* New Student Housing Information - 2018.pdf
Please download the PDF above for important information for first time residents regarding housing processes and guarantees. This information is also available online with your admission materials.


Receiving a Housing Assignment

As an entering freshman in the fall, you will receive a Housing Assignment if:

  • you applied and were accepted to the University as a resident student for first-time undergraduate studies beginning in the fall
  • you paid your deposit
  • you completed your housing application.

Completing Your Housing Application

Once you have submitted your non-refundable admission deposit, you will be able to complete your housing application and accept the terms of your housing contract between May 1 and June 1 at  If you submit your admission deposit on April 27 or later, you will need to wait three (3) business days to be able to access the housing application.

Housing Assignments

Freshman residents may not request a specific building or type of room.  

  • In general, housing assignments are based on the date your admission deposit is processed, not the day you complete your housing application.  Other factors which guide your housing assignment may include: participation in a Learning Community, documented needs requiring special housing accommodations, and the responses listed in the questionnaire section of the housing application.
  • If you have circumstances that may require other housing accommodations, please contact Marie Schauder to coordinate how we can best work with you.
  • Freshman housing assignments and roommate information will be available via during the last week of July.  Students will receive an email to their address when housing assignments are available.

Roommate Assignments

Freshman residents are assigned roommates on the basis of gender, date of admission deposit and, where possible, on the responses submitted in the questionnaire section of the housing application.

  • Due to the number of anticipated triple room accommodations required to provide housing for all freshmen admitted as resident students, Residence Life can only accommodate preferred roommate groups of three. Residence Life cannot accommodate roommate pair requests.
  • Freshman residents may request two preferred roommates after submitting the housing application.
  • If a student wishes to add two preferred roommates, he/she may do so via the Roommate Preference Form link, which will appear on the housing webpage after submitting the housing application.
  • To request housing with two preferred roommates, students will need:
    • the correct spelling of their preferred roommates’ last names; and
    • their preferred roommates' Villanova University User IDs.

Applying to a Learning Community

Students will be able to apply to a Learning Community via the Housing Web Page (  

  • Students will express their initial interest in participating in a Learning Community as part of the housing application.
  • Students MUST then submit a separate Learning Community Application found at Housing Web Page ( to receive consideration for placement in a Learning Community hall.  

Converted Triple Rooms

In order to honor the University’s three year housing guarantee, almost all incoming students reside in either a double room or a converted triple room (traditional double rooms with added furniture to accommodate three students). Students who reside in a converted triple room at the start of the semester will receive a discount of approximately $1000 - $1200 on the cost of their room per semester. A small percentage of students will reside in single rooms or rooms designed to accommodate three or four students and are not eligible for a discount.

Incoming students are assigned to converted triple rooms in reverse date of admission deposit order, beginning with the latest dates of deposit and working backwards. We anticipate that approximately two-thirds of the incoming class will reside in converted triple rooms.

Residence Hall Fast Facts

  • Villanova houses approximately 4,400 undergraduate students in 26 on-campus residence halls located throughout all areas of campus - Main Campus, South Campus and West Campus.  There are 18 traditional residence halls and 8 apartment-style halls that are reserved for upper-class students.

  • Residence halls are co-educational and range in size from 30 to 520 residents. Students residing in traditional residence halls are housed in rooms and on floors/wings according to gender.  Apartment units are single-gender, but floors and wings are co-educational.