Housing Wait List

Given our anticipated housing needs, Residence Life WILL NOT maintain a waitlist for transfer, commuting or non-guaranteed senior students for the 2016-2017 academic year.  

The Office for Residence Life normally maintains an on-campus housing waiting list for undergraduate students who currently commute from home or who live off-campus. It is important to note that while a student may have his/her name on the housing waiting list, this does not guarantee a space on-campus. The number of spaces which become available in a given year varies and is dependent on factors such as attrition or the need to "triple", i.e., place three students in a double room due to a larger than anticipated number of students accepting offers of admission.  

Given space limitations and the number of tripled rooms, it is very unlikely that a Freshman on the housing wait list would be offered housing during his/her first year.  It is also unlikely that an upperclass commuting student would be offered housing for the Fall Semester.  If space does become available, students on the housing wait list should not anticipate receiving notice of available space on-campus until just prior to the start of the Spring Semester.

Students on the housing wait list should understand that the list is not managed on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Rather, the Office for Residence Life will consider a variety of factors in determining who should be invited to fill available vacancies in a given year. Students with unique or individual personal circumstances that they wish to have considered are invited to outline their situation in writing and submit it to the Associate Director for Housing Services.

A student who accept an assignment to an on-campus housing vacancy from the wait list should note that the assignment is only valid until the end of the academic year in which it was made (i.e. their housing status will become one of "temporary resident") He/She is ineligible to  participate in the housing selection process for the following year. Students interested in residing on campus during the following year should request that their name be returned to the housing wait list.

Question about the Waiting List, email us.