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Filling the Vacancy in Your Room or Apartment

If you have a vacancy in your room or apartment, Residence Life plans to fill your vacancy. You do not have the option to keep your room as a single.

What Happens When There is a Vacancy

Residence Life will inform you by email that you have an impending vacancy in your room or apartment and you will be asked if you have anyone in mind to fill the vacancy. Generally, you will be given one week to inform Residence Life if you have a preferred roommate to fill the vacancy.  However, as circumstances require, we may exercise our ability under the terms of your housing contract to fill the space in your room without consulting you about your preferences.  

If you have a preferred roommate, the following MUST occur in order for Residence Life to process your request.

  • Your requested roommate must be eligible to reside on campus. You and your roommates (if applicable) must complete and submit the "Roommate Request Form" found on the Housing and Dining Web Page
  • Your preferred roommate (if currently residing on campus) must complete and submit a "Room Change Request Form",  or complete and submit a "Spring Semester Housing Application" (if currently abroad/participating in an internship program/on a Leave of Absence) both found on the Housing and Dining Web Page.  

If you do not have a preferred roommate:

  • Residence Life will offer your vacancy to someone seeking a room change.
  • You will be contacted via phone and/or email, given the name of the student seeking to fill the vacancy in your room/apartment and will be asked to meet with the student (ONLY APPLICABLE WHEN CLASSES ARE IN SESSION), prior to Residence Life approving the change.
  • In the majority of cases, Residence Life will work with you to find a compatible roommate. However, in cases of medical need or other urgent situations, Residence Life may assign a student to the vacancy in your room/apartment before you have had a chance to meet. If this occurs, our office will notify you that we are filling the vacancy, and provide you with the person’s name and expected move-in date.   

Please Note:  We expect our resident students to be hospitable and welcoming to individuals interested in filling the vacancy in their rooms/apartments. Should we have reason to believe that a student is consistently and intentionally discouraging prospective roommates, we will exercise our option to move the current resident(s) of the room/apartment to a different assignment in order to best meet the needs of students who are waiting for room changes or housing assignments.


Residence Life will contact each apartment group with existing/current vacancies via email to determine if the group has a preferred roommate(s) returning from an abroad/internship program or who lives in a different on-campus assignment.

  • If a student(s) is named as a preferred roommate(s), Residence Life will contact the student(s) to verify that this apartment is their preferred placement.
  • If no preferred roommate is named, Residence Life will offer the space to a student seeking a room change, a student returning from a study abroad/internship or a transfer student to the apartment for the spring semester.

Important Note:  The only time an apartment group will have the option of meeting a potential new roommate is if the student is currently residing on campus.

Given the number of students returning from abroad requesting housing for the spring semester, all current/existing spaces in the apartments will be filled.

Apartments and Suites with 1 Remaining Resident (e.g., all roommates going abroad).  

Residence Life will work with the student to find an alternative housing assignment in another apartment or in a Residence Hall in order to assign groups of 4 students returning from abroad who requested each other as preferred roommates.

  • Reidence Life will contact the remaining student via email and/or phone.
  • Residence Life will meet with the student to provide a list of openings to consider for reassignment.
  • Residence Life will provide these students moving assistance at no cost to the student.

If the remaining student has three preferred roommates returning from abroad.

  • Residence Life will consider this request. Generally, the request is only granted in cases where there are 3 preferred roommates. 
  • Requests for filling the spaces with less than 3 preferred roommates will only be considered if Residence Life is able to assign all apartment groups of 4 students requesting to live as a group in an apartment upon returning from abroad/internships.