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Rooms Designed for Three or More Students

A number of residence halls on campus have rooms that are designed to accommodate 3 or 4 students.  Information and pictures of room set-ups can be found below.

Room specifications for Triple or Quad Rooms
Bunk Bed* Height from floor to bottom bunk = 10"
Loft Bed* Height from floor = 52"
Not all rooms are the same in a particular residence hall. Furniture and room dimensions may vary according to residence hall. Bed rails and a ladder are standard in each triple and quad room.  Additional ladders are available upon request.
Tripled Room
This is an example of a loft bed. A desk and dresser fit conveniently under the loft to create more space in the room.
Tripled Room
Each triple room includes 3 sets of furniture (bed, dresser, desk and chair). It includes a set of bunk beds and a loft bed, with two shared closets or wardrobes.