Converted Triple Rooms

In order to honor the University’s three year housing guarantee, almost all incoming students reside in either a double room or a converted triple room (traditional double rooms with added furniture to accommodate three students). Incoming students are assigned to converted triple rooms in reverse date of admission deposit order, beginning with the latest dates of deposit and working backwards. We anticipate that more than half of the incoming class will reside in converted triple rooms.

Students who reside in a converted triple room at the start of the semester will receive a discount of approximately $1000 - $1200 on the cost of their room per semester. A small percentage of students will reside in single rooms or rooms designed to accommodate three or four students and are not eligible for a discount.

  • If Residence Life is able to reassign a resident from a converted triple room to a double room or if a room is restored to double occupancy prior to the start of the Fall or Spring semester, the resident will not receive the triple room rate discount for that semester.
  • If Residence Life is able to reassign a resident or restore a room to double occupancy after the start of the Fall or Spring semester, the triple room rate discount will stand for that semester.
Average room specifications for a Converted Triple Room
Bunk Bed* Height from floor to bottom bunk = 10"
Loft Bed* Height from floor = 52"
Closet Width = 49"
Window Dimensions = 72" x 52"
These are average dimensions for a typical room in Caughlin, McGuire, St. Monica and Katharine Halls. Not all rooms are the same in a particular residence hall. Furniture dimensions may vary according to residence hall. Bed rails and a ladder are standard in each tripled room.  Additional ladders are available upon request.
Tripled Room
This is an example of a loft bed. A desk and dresser fit conveniently under the loft to create more space in the room.
Tripled Room
Each triple room includes 3 sets of furniture (bed, dresser, desk and chair). It includes a set of bunk beds and a loft bed, with two shared closets or wardrobes.