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Summer Housing

Who is Eligible for Summer Housing?

Summer housing is available  for students taking summer school classes, conducting University-sponsored research, participating in the undergraduate SBI program and participating in summer internship programs.   

Temporary housing accommodations may be available at a prorated housing rate for students who are attending summer school/SBI and their off-campus lease does not begin until June 1.   Students interested in this option must complete a Summer Housing Application and indicate the reason they are requesting temporary housing on the application form.

Housing Accommodations

Summer housing for eligible students is available in designated residence halls.  Residence Life will determine which halls will remain open for the summer. Apartment housing is not available. Students must provide their own linens, pillows, pillow cases, towels and blankets.  A desk or floor lamp is also suggested. Rooms are air-conditioned.    

Housing Application

The Summer Housing Application will be available beginning the week of March 16 via Housing and Dining Webpage.  Non-Villanova students or students newly admitted to the University who do not have a Villanova Username and Password should contact the Office for Residence Life at or 610-519-4155.

About a Roommate

Students can request a preferred roommate on their Housing Application.   Requests will be accommodated based on mutual preference and housing availability.

Housing Assignments

Students who apply for summer housing will be able to view their housing assignments via the Housing and Dining Webpage. once they have been assigned by the Office for Residence Life.   Housing assignments are typically available 1 week prior to the start of the Summer Session the student is attending.

Check-In/Check-Out Information

Students assigned to on-campus housing should check-in an check out according to the schedule below.  Students not vacating at the times stated will be charged for improper check-out.

  • Session I:  Check-in - Tuesday, May 26
    • 9:00 - 11:30 am (Residence Life Office - Kennedy Hall);
    • 12 noon – 8 PM.  Report to your Residence Hall
    • Check-out is Wednesday, June 24 by 4 PM.
  • Session II:  Check-in - Thursday, June 25
    • 9:00 - 11:30 am (Residence Life Office - Kennedy Hall);
    • 12 noon – 8 PM.  Report to your Residence Hall
    • Check-out is Tuesday, July 28 by 5 PM.
  • Session III: 
    • Check-in - Tuesday, May 28. See Session I schedule above 
    • Check-out - Tuesday, July 30 by 5 PM.

Students not registered to reside on campus prior to Tuesday, May 26, 2020 for Session I & III and Thursday, June 25, 2020 for Session II should go directly to the Office for Residence Life to register for housing.

Can I live in my fall housing assignment over the summer?

No, the University halls and apartments are utilized by Conference Services and are not available for student usage over the summer. Students who require on-campus housing will be assigned to designated halls.

Can I move into my fall housing assignment at the conclusion of summer school?

Students who are not participating in a University sponsored activity during the month of August, prior to check-in will not be permitted to remain on campus after July 28.

At the close of Summer Session II or III, is there a place to store my belongings for the month of August?

Students who wish to place their belongings in Temporary Storage, free of charge, will need to contact

Summer Housing Rates

Room Summer 2019
Summer Session I           TBD
Summer Session II          TBD
Summer Session III         TBD

Meals Summer 2019
Summer Session I           TBD
Summer Session II          TBD
Summer Session III         TBD