Summer Storage

Due to space restrictions, storage is not available on the University campus. Due to parking restrictions, drop-off storage pods are not permitted on campus. Off-campus storage facilities are available in the local area.

Students may also choose to contract directly with a company that provides residence hall pick-up in the spring, storage for the summer and delivery to a new residence hall in the fall. Students will work directly with the chosen company and all questions or concerns should be directed to the company. Students will be responsible for coordinating item pick-up and drop-off with the outside company. The University will not facilitate access to residence hall rooms or apartments.

For your reference, the following is a list of companies that specialize in this this type of service.  Please note that the University DOES NOT ENDORSE any of the companies listed below.  The names are provided for your convenience at the request of the outside vendors. 

Company Contact Information More Info
SchoolStorage Discount Code
The College Butler Discount Code
Ultimate College Storage  
Dorm Room Movers
Help U Store It  
Lazybones Storage Discount Code
Storage Squad  
Ramsey's Moving Systems  
College Truckers  
On Demand Storage  
Life Storage  
Storage First, Inc (Self-Storage Only)  
Mr. Storage  (Self Storage Only)