Helpful Information Regarding Move Out

Move Out Tips

Before You Pack:

  • Make a list of items that need to be moved out of your room/apartment.
  • Discuss with your roommates who will pack shared spaces, including:
    o    Bathrooms
    o    Living/Common areas
    o    Bedrooms, if applicable
  • Assemble supplies:
    o    Luggage, backpacks and duffel bags
    o    Containers: durable bins, boxes and/or trash bags
    o    Organizational Items: tape, permanent markers
    o    Tools for furniture disassembly: screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.

While You’re Packing:

  • Have your move out list available and check-off tasks as you go.
  • Pull trash bags over hanging clothes and tie around the neck of the hanger. 
  • Place cling wrap over toiletries and cleaning supplies to prevent spillage.
  • Use t-shirts and towels to wrap breakables.

Packing the Car:

  • Pack heavy/bulky items first, followed by lightweight and fragile items.