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Freshmen Parents Email Newsletter

The Fresh@News newsletter is a lively and entertaining email newsletter for parents, family, and friends of all new students (Freshmen & Transfers). During the first year we send subscribers postings every one to two weeks about opportunities and activities for students at Villanova University.  To sign up for Fresh@News, please complete the information at:   Click here for archived messages.

Sophomore Parents Email Newsletter

The Soph@News newsletter is a lively and entertaining email newsletter for parents, family, and friends of sophomore students. We send subscribers postings approximately every two weeks about opportunities and activities for students at Villanova University.  To sign up for Soph@News, please complete the information at:  Click here for archived messages.

Parents' Connection

Parents' Connection is published each Spring, Summer and Fall by the Office of Student Life to support our students by connecting parents to Villanova campus life.

Student Health 101 for Parents

This e-magazine is specifically designed for parents with information and resources on supporting your son/daughter to have a healthy and happy experience while at Villanova. 


Transitions, a Parent's Guide to Villanova

Our Transitions Handbook is intended as an informal guide rather than a definitive statement to help explain Villanova policies and aid in areas that can become concerning to a parent.

Blue Book

The Blue Book, or Student Handbook, is the Villanova book of policies.  These policies are outlined, maintained and published by the Office for Student Life.


Crossroads is a student guide to living off campus.  This publication provides suggestions on what to be aware of when a student is getting into an off-campus living situation.  Some areas might include suggestions on: how to find housing, signing a lease, moving in, budgeting, rights and responsibilities, good neighbor hints, local ordinances and township approved student housing.

Villanova University President's Report

Villanova University is pleased to share with you this digital version of the annual President’s Report.  Accessed through the link below, the published web format mirrors the layout of the print Report as well as providing navigation and search functions.  When you are viewing the pages, simply click on the page itself to zoom in for improved readability.

The Report is framed around key messages that express what makes Villanova, Villanova. Each message is followed by a profile or two highlighting members of our community whom we believe both embody that particular message and have an interesting “Villanova” story to tell. We wanted to showcase the depth and breadth of the University community, and believe these selections represent the uniqueness and diversity of our colleges, faculty, and students.

It is our students, faculty, and staff that make this University unique, and we believe this is an important publication to help us share the Power of Villanova.  We hope you enjoy looking through the Report and encourage you to share it with family and friends. 

Villanova Magazine

Read the Villanova Magazine, written and edited by the staff of the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

Students of Concern Booklet

Students experience a wide-range of adjustments when entering college. While most students’ needs are addressed through the routine functioning of the University, a growing number of students require further attention. The CARE Committee has created a Students of Concern Guide which brings together administrators from Student Life, Public Safety, the Counseling Center, and Academic Affairs to offer an informed and caring response to students of concern.

Open Doors With New Experiences

Learning Communities are Villanova’s mission and values in action:  Learning…Living…Exploring.  Our Learning Communities for first-year students, allow students to learn, grow, and form communities as they explore the questions of "Who Am I" and "Who Do I Want To Be" both in and out of the classroom. This brodhure explains some of the activities offered by the Learning Communities each semester.