Visit Villanova

For your convenience, all listings are provided as information only and do not imply endorsement from the University.


Villanova is approximately 25 miles outside of Philadelphia -- home of Benjamin Franklin and the City of Brotherly Love.  There are many exciting and educational attractions in Philadelphia and on this web site, we highlight just a few of the many fun things to do in Philly!


As you plan your visit to Villanova, you may need to reserve a hotel room or two.  For your convenience, we maintain a list of area hotels where many Villanova visitors have stayed.


Around the Villanova area, there are many good restaurants from which to choose.  On this web site, we have a list of restaurants where we have identified the type of restaurant: casual, full-service or fine and price range.


If you'd like to do some shopping, we have many stores and malls, right around Villanova.  Our list of stores and malls for shopping can be particularly helpful if you have limited time as we do indicate approximate travel times to these locations.

Traveling To and From Campus

Whether you are driving, flying or taking the train to or from Villanova, our location and accessibility to public transportation can make your travel easier.  We've collected some contact information for transportation such as shuttle services, limousine services, airport information and more.