Our Orientation Staff

Becoming an Orientation Staff Member (OSM)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Orientation Staff, visit Dougherty 207 to get more information or email us at orientation@villanova.edu. Position descriptions can be found below.  Applications will be available at the Information Nights and in Dougherty 207, in late January and are usually due back to us by mid-February.

Student Chairperson

The Student Chairperson is selected in late October and is always an individual who has extensive experience with the program and Villanova. The Chairperson is responsible for working with the Student Life Office to develop the content of the program. In addition he or she selects, trains and supervises the members of the Steering Committee and is the student leader with the most responsibility for the program. Haley Randall, the Student Chairperson for the 2019 Orientation program, is a Junior in the School of Arts & Sciences from Syracuse, NY. Haley was a member of the Orientation Steering Committee in 2018 and was an Orientation Counselor for the 2017 New Student Orientation program.

Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator, or AC, is responsible for administering all physical aspects of the program, such as food arrangements, working with various on-campus departments to coordinate room set-ups and special equipment needs for the program, and contacting outside vendors. In addition, the AC is responsible for selecting and supervising a staff of about twenty Administrative Assistants.  Aidan Grealish is the 2019 Administrative Coordinator. Aidan is a Junior Computer Science major from Burke, VA. He served as an Administrative Assistant for the 2017 & 2018 Orientation Programs.

Steering Committee

The 2019 Steering Committee consists of thirteen students who have been extensively involved, either as Orientation Counselors, Administrative Assistants or Transfer Counselors, in previous years of the program. They bring all of their energy and experience to select, train, and supervise the Orientation Counselors. They also develop and present many special aspects of the Orientation Program. The Steering Committee works on the program during the spring semester and then returns to campus at the end of July for their training period and to prepare for the arrival of the OC's, TC's and AA's in the middle of August. Some members of the Steering Committee will present workshops to the new students during the 4-day Orientation program.

Administrative Assistants

Approximately twenty students serve in the role of Administrative Assistants, or AA's, and are often referred to as the "backbone" of the Orientation program.  These students work hard behind the scenes to make sure all of the physical aspects of the program are in order.  The AA's have many responsibilities within the program, including facilitating group discussions, interacting with different orientation groups, completing administrative tasks, preparing for and managing events, and answering questions at the Information Center.  These dedicated students are a key component of the Orientation staff and strive to have the program run smoothly and be successful.

Orientation Counselors

Better known as OC's, the 76 Orientation Counselors serve as the "front line" staff for the program. Each OC leads a group of approximately twenty new students throughout the four-day program.  All 76 OC's will return to campus in mid-August for training, anxiously awaiting the arrival of new students and the beginning of Orientation on Opening Day.

Transfer Counselors

Students who have transferred into Villanova have the option of applying to be a Transfer Counselor to new transfer students.  They follow a similar schedule as the new students, but through a slightly different lens given they already have college experience. They make sure our new transfers feel as welcomed into Nova Nation as they did just a semester or two ago! They are led by a Transfer Captain  Steering Committee member who coordinates the schedule and works with the Office to create a great program for our new students.


  • Alicia Dunphy-Culp, Director
  • Lael McGann, Assistant Director of First and Second Year Initiatives at Villanova. 

Their responsibilities include selecting the Student Chairperson, Administrative Coordinator and Steering Committee, supervising Staff Training, and coordinating the Four Day Master Schedule.  They work year round to support the Orientation program and helps new students have a successful transition to Villanova.  The office is located in 207 Dougherty Hall.