Events for Commuters

All events and times are tentative and subject to change.

Time Description

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Commuter Student Picnic, Saturday 8/19, Location TBA

All commuting students and their parents are invited to attend the Commuter Student Picnic.

Reminders for Commuter Students during Orientation

New students who do not live on campus are still expected to attend the 4-day New Student Orientation Program. While the Commuter Student Picnic is an Opening Day event just for commuters, all other Orientation activities are geared toward every new student, not just resident Freshmen. New Student Orientation officially starts at 1:15 pm on Opening Day and will end late in the evening for all new students.

Students who will commute can expect to be on campus late each day during Orientation (Saturday, August 19 - Tuesday, August 22). If new students will not be driving themselves to campus, they should arrange for transportation home each evening, before arriving to campus. In addition, there will be an evening social event on Saturday, August 19. Students and parents may want to drive separately to campus on Saturday, August 19.

Commuter students are eligible for parking and will be able to purchase a parking permit during the first week of school. For detailed parking information, please check the Public Safety web site. Commuting students may park in the Main Parking Lot on Lancaster Avenue for New Student Orientation and parking permits are not required during the 4-day Orientation Program.

Your meals will be provided during the four-day Orientation program if you and your Orientation group will eat together in the dining halls.

New commuting students will pick up their Wildcards at the Commuter Lunch or at the afternoon meeting with their Orientation Counselor on Opening Day.

Questions? Please call the New Student Orientation Office - (610) 519-4200 or email the Orientation Office.

Orientation Programs

Students attend programs throughout the day, including workshops on:

  • Academics
  • New Student Concerns
  • Social Life and College
  • Campus Ministry Programs
  • History of Villanova and its
    Augustinian Tradition
  • College Life, a small group discussion
    with a member of the faculty
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness

and much more!

A detailed Opening Day Schedule with specific times and locations will be mailed in August.

Orientation activities involving parents are on August 19 only.

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