FAQS for an Emergency

Who should we call if an emergency should arise that prevents us from getting to Orientation?

If you should need to contact Villanova because of an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from arriving on Orientation Day, parents can call the Orientation Office at (610) 519-7208 if they are unable to get to Orientation.

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If there is a medical emergency during Orientation events, how will I get assistance?

Anyone needing assistance should contact any Villanova Orientation staff member and our Villanova Emergency Medical Service (VEMS) will be contacted immediately. Students or parents can also contact Public Safety at (610) 519-4444 anytime.

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What should I do if I am unable to contact my son/daughter after Orientation is over?

Try to make arrangements with your son/daughter before coming to Villanova for a contact plan.  For instance, perhaps you could ask your son/daughter to give a quick call home each day, even if they're doing just fine. Orientation activities can keep new students busy from early morning to late in the evening, but each day has scheduled "down time" for new students - that may provide time to students to check in with their family at home.

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Information Center


The main information center for Orientation will be located on the upper level of the Connelly Center. Questions concerning the program can be addressed to the Orientation staff there.

The staff will be clearly visible throughout campus on the first day of the program, so don't hesitate to look for our staff members and ask them your questions.