FAQs for Before Orientation Weekend

How do I know if Villanova has received all of my required documents?

You can find a Checklist of items that needed to be submitted to Villanova in Freshmen 2019.  To access Freshmen 2019 on the web go to myNovaHelpful Hint:  Print the Checklist before you begin!

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Is there an Orientation Program for parents?

Orientation programs for parents are on Opening Day only. There are optional programs such as workshops and a Parents Resource Fair and Orientation officially begins with the Welcoming Address. Parents will also meet with the Academic Deans while their students meet with their Orientation Counselors (OCs) at their designated meeting areas (designated meeting areas will be mailed to each new student in the August Newsletter and will be available in myNova in early August). Afterward, parents and students will switch; parents will meet with the OCs and students will meet with the Deans.  Mass will be celebrated, and there will be a picnic for all new students and their families at the Connelly Plaza. Parents will be completely done with Orientation after the evening picnic - around 6:45 pm. All new students will then continue on with Orientation activities.

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Can the siblings of new students also attend Orientation?

Siblings of new students are welcome to attend New Student Orientation programs on Opening Day as long as they accompany parents. This includes Move In Day, Opening Day morning workshops, Parents Resource Fair, Welcoming Address, Mass, and Family Picnic. Siblings may also go with their parents when parents meet with the Orientation Counselors and when parents meet with the Academic Deans. However, we ask that siblings do not attend any Opening Day programs that are solely for new students, such as when new students meet with their Orientation Counselors and Academic Deans.

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Do I need to register for Orientation?

New students are expected to attend the Orientation program. There is no need to register in advance.

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What information will I receive in the mail from the Orientation office over the summer?

The New Student Orientation office will mail the following booklets/newsletters to all new students: the Villanova 101 emails, distributed all summer, which has a basic overview of the 4-day Orientation program, as well as information from Residence Life, Dining Services, the Wildcard Office, Learning Communities, and general University information, and the August Brochure, with detailed information about Orientation, including Orientation Group Numbers and Designated Reporting Areas (where new students will meet with their Orientation Counselors). Orientation Group Numbers and Designated Reporting Areas can also be found in myNova in early August. If you do not receive the above mentioned publications, please contact the Orientation Office.

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What will happen if I have to arrive late or leave Orientation due to a family commitment?

Villanova considers New Student Orientation a mandatory program for all new students. However, we realize that sometimes important family events (such as a wedding) may occur during the Orientation program. If you will be arriving late, please contact the Orientation Office (610-519-4200) to let us know when you will be arriving. New resident students should also contact the Office of Residence Life (610-519-4150) to let them know if they will be arriving late. Students who have to leave during the Orientation program must talk to their Orientation Counselor to let him/her know when they are leaving and when they will return so that the Orientation Counselors can help them catch up on any important information that they will miss. One of the goals of the 4-day Orientation program is to fully integrate new students with the campus community, so please be aware that students who leave during the program may experience more difficulty feeling "at home" at Villanova than students who fully participate.

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How do I send my picture for my Wildcard?

The Wildcard Office provides you the ability to submit your Wildcard photo online or by mail. Photos must reach the Wildcard Office by July 10.  This is the photo used for your Wildcard and to display your picture for your My Courses page, which you will be able to view once your class schedule is set by the Registrar's Office in August. NOTE: Please do not send your Wildcard photo before receiving instructions from the Wildcard Office in June. Questions or concerns should be directed to the Wildcard Office - (610) 519-5031.

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Who can help me register for my classes?

If you have any questions about AP credits, choosing your classes, or when you can register, please call the Dean's Office of your College:

  • College of Engineering - (610) 519-5860
  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - (610) 519-4600
  • College of Nursing - (610) 519-4900
  • School of Business - (610) 519-4330
  • Registrar's Office - (610) 519-4030

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When will I find out about my residence hall assignment & roommate?

New students will be able to access their residence hall and roommate information in myNova in late July. Questions about housing assignments should be directed to the Office of Residence Life - (610) 519-4154/4150.

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When do I receive my Orientation Group Assignment?

You will receive your Orientation Group information in our brochure mailed to your home in August. Your group number and designated reporting area will also be listed in myNova.

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Where can I find out about Meal Plans and how do I register for one?

Information about Meal Plans and links to the contact and registration page can be found on the Dining Services website. New students must register for a meal plan through myNova by mid-June. Questions can be directed to the Dining Services Office - (610) 519-4170.

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Do new Commuter and Transfer students attend the 4-day Orientation Program?

Commuter students are expected to attend the New Student Orientation Program. While there are specific events just for new commuting students, all other Orientation activities are geared toward all new students. Freshmen commuters will be placed in Freshmen Orientation Groups.  Please note: Orientation activities will run until late in the evening each day of the program - commuters should be sure to secure transportation during the 4-day program.

No parking permits are required during the New Student Orientation Program. Commuter students will be able to purchase their University Parking Permits during the first week of classes.

Transfer students will receive more information on their orientation experience in the mail after they enroll.

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I know it's early, but we live out of state. Does the University offer summer storage for my student's belongings?

Due to space limitations, the University does not have sufficient space to store items for students. However, SchoolStorage.com offers summer storage for Villanova resident (on campus) students. SchoolStorage.com offers convenient packing supplies (storage boxes, tape, etc.) drop off and completed box pick up at designated locations on campus. All boxes are stored in a safe, secure location over the summer. In the Fall, SchoolStorage.com will deliver all stored packages back to campus at or near the student's residence hall. For more information visit www.schoolstorage.com

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How do I subscribe to the Freshmen Parents Email Newsletter?

The Fresh@News is a lively and entertaining email newsletter for the parents, family, and friends of all new students (Freshmen & Transfers).  To add additional family members, please complete the information at: http://news.villanova.edu/forms/freshsignup.html.

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Information Center


The main information center for Orientation will be located on the upper level of the Connelly Center. Questions concerning the program can be addressed to the Orientation staff there.

The staff will be clearly visible throughout campus on the first day of the program, so don't hesitate to look for our staff members and ask them your questions.