CliftonStrengths Assessment

ALL INCOMING STUDENTS will need to complete a few steps before arriving on campus.

Please log into our BlackBoard system through myNova. Check the Orientation newsletter for more information and complete these assignments on BlackBoard before orientation begins!

All incoming students will take the CLIFTONSTRENGTHS assessment before they arrive (taking approximately 30-40 minutes), and then receive their top 5 themes. You will use the results of your assessment in different areas of campus including in a session held during the Orientation program. We view CliftonStrengths as a “tool for self-discovery” and will provide opportunities for the university community to engage in activities and reflection about their strengths.

If you have any questions about this program, please consult Blackboard for more information or email:

CliftonStrengths at Villanova University FAQ's

What is CliftonStrengths?

The CliftonStrengths assessment - rooted in psychological theory, literature and research - identifies an individuals’ top 5 Signature Themes from Gallup’s developed list of 34 most common talents. Individuals who complete the assessment will be able to identify their talents, develop those talents into strengths, and apply those strengths in experiences in the classroom, in leadership opportunities, in their relationships and in their careers. CliftonStrengths has been used and studied across the world with people from a variety of backgrounds.

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Why is Villanova using CliftonStrengths?

Villanova is committed to developing and nurturing the whole person, allowing students, faculty and staff to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, socially and physically in an environment that supports individual differences and insists that mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of university life.

To build on that commitment, we are offering CliftonStrengths to Villanovans across the university. This initiative is a collaborative effort of Villanova’s academic units, Student Life, and career and professional development teams. We view CliftonStrengths as a “tool for self-discovery” and will provide opportunities for the university community to engage in activities and reflection about ways to acknowledge and build upon their strengths. We are confident that, by reflecting on and leading with your strengths, you can improve your wellbeing in life.

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What should I do after I take the assessment?

We recommend starting by reviewing your “Signature Theme Report.” This report will provide you with general overall descriptions of each of your themes. Write down your top 5 Signature Themes or take a picture of them on your phone so you can be ready to discuss them with others.

After you are more familiar with these general descriptions and how your themes apply in your life, move on to the “StrengthsInsight and Action Planning Guide.” This report provides descriptions of your themes in a way that also takes the unique combination of your results into account. This report also provides some specific ideas for how you can take action steps based on your talents.

Most importantly, remember, this is a tool for self-discovery, not the definition of who you are. There may be some words that you feel describe you very well, while others may not. That is okay. As you experience new things and learn more about yourself, we hope you will revisit these words to continue reflecting on the person you are becoming.

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How will this be part of my Villanova experience?

During your time at New Student Orientation in August, you will have the opportunity to learn more about CliftonStrengths and talk about it with fellow students. Throughout your first year, Villanova faculty and staff, such as your academic advisor, coach, career advisor, professor, residence hall staff (and more!), will offer you experiences to consider how your CliftonStrengths can be developed in new and interesting ways.

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What if I have more questions or need more help?

For more information about the assessment, including information about taking it in different languages, accommodations, and troubleshooting your login details, visit our CliftonStrengths FAQs page.

If have a question that you don’t see answered on the FAQs page, send an email to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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