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Villanova’s Orientation is a four day program in which new students will participate in programs, presentations, and activities designed to familiarize them with both academic and student life at Villanova. During the program, Academic Deans, faculty, staff, and students meet formally and informally with the new students. These meetings will answer questions, address concerns, and highlight the wide variety of services and activities available at Villanova for students.

Orientation is important to Villanova because we want the new students to feel at home and like Villanovans as quickly and easily as possible.  


The Orientation Staff is known for its enthusiasm, sincerity and commitment to a common goal: providing new students with the information, resources and direction they will need to begin their Villanova college career in an informed, relaxed, and enjoyable fashion.

Orientation Counselors:  New students are divided into 76 groups and led through the four day program by an Orientation Counselor, or OC.  These student leaders are carefully selected for their positions in the spring and participate in an extensive training program in August designed to prepare them for their responsibilities. 

Administrative Assistants:  20 students are selected in the spring to be Administrative Assistants, or AA's, and work behind the scenes for the program. They go through the same training as the OC's, however, they do not have a group during the four day program.

Transfer Counselors: Students who have transferred into Villanova have the option of applying to be a Transfer Counselor to new transfer students.  They follow a similar schedule as the new students, but through a slightly different lens given they already have college experience. They make sure our new transfers feel as welcomed into Nova Nation as they did just a semester or two ago! 


Orientation at Villanova

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