Student Organizations

Villanova University offers students many opportunities to participate in a wide variety of student organizations. To read about all of the organizations available click on the links below, which will take you to VU Groups, our online program for orgamizations that enables students to become a member, be informed about events and activities, communicate with other members and participate in SLICE.

The Villanova Student Life Co-Curricular Experience (SLICE) program is a series of programs, events and learning experiences that will help you make the most of your Villanova experience. SLICE is designed to encourage your participation in wide range of activities/organizations that will help you gain experience, knowledge and skills that will prepare you for the ever-changing global environment. The SLICE program seeks to advance the development of the whole student – mind, body and spirit – outside of the formal academic setting. Indeed, the SLICE program seeks to foster "Excellence Beyond the Classroom."

Students can complete the SLICE program at their own pace. When the requirements are completed, students are eligible to be inducted into the Villanova Student Life Circle of Excellence. Members of this organization will enjoy special privileges throughout the remainder of their Villanova careers, including receptions with campus leaders, alumni engagement opportunities, invitations to special campus events and much more.

Student Development Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's Student Development Award winners and thank you to all who voted!

Student Leader of the Year (Female)
Lizzy Heurich- Relay for Life  (2012-2013)

Advisor of the Year
Carol Wiengarten- SNAP (2012-2013)

Best Co-Programmed Event of the Year
Disabilities Panel- Special Olympics, Best Buddies, LEVEL (2011-2012)

Favorite Organization Receiving National Attention
Student Nursing Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) (2010-2011)

Best New Club
Villanova Jugglers (2012-2013)

Student Leader of the Year (Male)
JV Kracke- Pre-Dental Association (2012-2013)

Best Event of the Year
Diwali by S.A.M.O.S.A. (2010-2011)

Best Philanthropy of the YearBone
Marrow Drive- SNAP & the Football Team (2012-2013)

Best Finances of the Year
Breakdance Club (2012-2013)

Most Creative Event (Sponsored by ICE)
Pause with Paws- Student Alumni Association (2012-2013)


Click on the links below to see some of our organization Fund Raisers: