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What is the Role of the Title IX Coordinator?

In the Fall 2015, Ms. Ryan Rost ‘96, ‘98 was appointed as Villanova’s first full-time Title IX Coordinator. The Coordinator works with the Villanova community on education and training to help prevent incidents of discrimination.  Further, the Coordinator oversees the University's centralized review, investigation, and resolution process for matters arising under the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy and coordinates the University's compliance with Title IX.  The Title IX Coordinator is a University resource who:

  • Can discuss with Complainants and Respondents the availability of supportive measures with or without the filing of a formal complaint;
  • Will consider the Complainant’s and Respondent’s wishes with respect to available supportive measures;
  • Will explain to the Complainant the process for filing a formal complaint;
  • Can explain to the Respondent the process following the filing of a formal complaint,  

The Title IX Coordinator is supported by several Deputy Title IX Coordinators, all of whom are knowledgeable and trained in state and federal laws that apply to matters of sexual misconduct, as well as University policy and procedure.  The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators are available to receive reports alleging violations of the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Ms. Ryan Rost│Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Coordinator
204 Tolentine Hall│(610) 519-8805 │

Ms. Kim (Carter) Kearney Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Investigator, Public Safety
Garey Hall | (484) 343-6926 |

Ms. Kathleen Byrnes│Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Associate Vice President for Student Life
Room 202 Dougherty Hall │ (610) 519-4550 │

Mr. Albert Baladez│Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Director, Employee Relations & Compliance
789 Lancaster Avenue │ (610) 519-4238│

Ms. Lynn Tighe│Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Administration
Field House, Second Floor │ (610) 519-4121│