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Employees Responding to Disclosures

If faculty or staff learn of an incident of other sexual misconduct their first and foremost priority is to make sure the individual is safe and aware of the many University resources available to them.  Faculty and staff will listen, offer support, and reassure the person that they will keep this matter private. 

All instances of sexual misconduct (except those reported to a counselor/therapist and/or a priest in their pastoral capacity) must be reported to our Title IX Coordinator, Ryan Rost or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator, in a timely manner.  This report should include the following information (if shared): name of the alleged perpetrator (if known), the student who experienced the alleged sexual violence, other students involved in the alleged sexual violence, as well as relevant facts, including the date, time, and location. The Title IX Coordinator will ensure that: support, resources and options are offered to the involved student(s); the University responds in an integrated, consistent manner; and that every effort is made on behalf of the University to honor the wishes of the reporting student(s).  The Title IX Coordinator also keeps track of this information so that she can evaluate the scope of the problem, whether there are any patterns or trends, and oversee the design and implementation of appropriate campus-wide responses.

How to Support Someone Who Discloses Sexual Violence

How to Respond

When Someone Discloses Sexual Violence to You...

Practice the 3 C's: CARE. CONNECT. CONTACT.

Employee Guide
Sexual Assault Resource Guide

Those employees who have been informed by the Department of Public Safety that they are “campus security authorities” under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”) are legally required to report such incidents to the Department of Public Safety. All such employees to whom an incident is reported should strongly encourage the reporting party, whether it is the Complainant or a third party, to speak directly with the Office of Public Safety, the Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator, or the Title IX Coordinator.


Learn More About Villanova's Prevention Strategies

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Villanova University is committed to the prevention of sexual misconduct. Throughout the year, programs and campaigns designed to promote a healthy campus culture and strategies to prevent sexual violence are presented by a variety of campus resources including New Student Orientation, Health Promotion, the Title IX Coordinator, peer educators and other Villanova students, and Public Safety. The University also promotes participation of student groups in all of its health promotion and prevention efforts, through training provided in Residence Life, Athletics, ROTC, and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, among others. The following are ongoing health promotion and prevention campaign s and programs currently offered or planned for this academic year. Additionally, the University has also established a campus-wide Sexual Violence Prevention Advisory Committee who assesses the University’s efforts and provide recommendations on enhancing these efforts to better serve our community.