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Sexual Violence Parent Resource


Speaking to Your Student About Sexual Violence Prevention

Meaningful and constructive conversations about developing healthy, respectful and communicative relationships form the foundation that allows young adults to develop self-awareness and courage they need to make good decitions on their own.

  • Most inciences of sexual violence involve alcohol - alcohol does not cause or excuse sexual violence and the victim is never to blame for being harmed.  Alcohol can impact one's ability to obtain or give meaningful consent.
  • Consent is the most common issue in instances of alleged sexual violence.  More information on consent can be found here.
  • Practice CARITAS and look out for others to prevent harm!  Here is more information on Bystander Intervention.
  • Keys to healthy relationships: Respect, Learn, Empower, Consent, and Communicate
More information on Villanova's sexual violence prevention and response efforts can be found through the links below:


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