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Sexual Violence Climate Survey for Students



2021 Survey Now

Available to All Students


Click on the unique link provided to you via email.  Can't find the email?  Contact Ryan Rost at


This survey will provide Villanova University a clearer understanding of the scope and nature of sexual violence within our community. The information gathered will allow those engaged in sexual violence prevention and response to enhance existing programs, resources and services to protect, educate and support Villanova students.

This survey assesses unwanted sexual experiences, stalking and relationship violence among Villanova’s students. The survey will help us to answer the following questions: How often do our students experience unwanted sexual contact, stalking and/or relationship violence? What impact do these experiences have on our students? To whom do students disclose and report these incidents? What are students’ perspectives on Villanova’s response to disclosures and reports of sexual violence? How can prevention and response efforts be improved?

The survey is an online survey, which should take approximately fifteen to thirty minutes to complete. Students will be asked to participate via an online link to the survey which will be emailed to their Villanova email address:

From:   Villanova University Title IX Coordinator (

Subject:  Villanova Sexual Violence Climate Survey for Students – Your Voice is Important!

Student's names or email addresses will never be associated with their responses. While we recognize that this is a difficult issue, we ask that students try to answer every question on the survey. Completed surveys are necessary to capture accurate information regarding experiences, perceptions, attitudes and myths within our community; however, students may respond to only the questions with which they feel comfortable. The survey does ask for sensitive information that may cause discomfort, and students are able to choose NOT to respond to questions that are uncomfortable. If students choose not to respond to certain questions, they can just leave the response blank and proceed through the survey.  Students may choose to skip questions or stop responding at any point.

However, due to the importance of this topic, students’ full participation is greatly appreciated.

CORE Survey asked of all students:
1.         Demographics
2.         General climate questions
3.         Sexual assault experiences and perpetration
4.         Stalking and relationship violence experiences
Sections administered to two random samples (each student will only access one section) are: Perceptions of Villanova University and Attitudes and Myths.


The survey is being administered by Villanova University’s Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OSPIE) using Qualtrics survey software. OSPIE follows very strict confidentiality policies and practices to maintain anonymity of survey respondents and confidentiality and security of the data.

This survey was designed using the anonymize feature of the survey software which disconnects survey responses from the IP address, location, data and personally identifying information of the survey respondents.  There is no way to identify what an individual may have said unless they choose to include identifiable information in any of the open-ended responses.

Students’ only access to the survey is through the survey invitation which is sent to their Villanova email address. In the invitation email is an ANONYMOUS link to the survey which is unique ONLY to that student personally. To ensure full confidentiality of student responses, we ask that students:

  • Complete the survey in a private space
  • Not forward their ANONYMOUS survey link to anyone else
  • Not give anyone access to their Villanova email account
  • Close any web sessions if taking the survey from a shared or public computer.

As outlined above, the software itself has been set to record the data anonymously. Within the software is the capability to monitor returns and enable reminders to be sent to non-respondents. Further, when the survey is submitted NO IDENTIFYING INFORMATION is collected or written to the database. There is always a remote risk that an experienced computer hacker could access responses, but the survey software being used, Qualtrics, has an encryption mechanism that minimizes this risk.

This anonymous survey is not intended to be a reporting mechanism; however, if a member of OSPIE (the office administering this survey) reads a comment that indicates a violation of the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy or Title IX, the staff member is required to share the verbatim comment with Villanova’s Title IX Coordinator.

All data collected through this survey process will be analyzed by OSPIE and reported in the aggregate. Summary data will be reported and utilized by the University President, Cabinet, Senior Leadership and those responsible for the University’s policy and programming related to sexual violence prevention and response. As with the 2015 and 2018 Sexual Violence Climate Surveys for Students, the key results of the survey will be shared with the community through in-person sessions and through the MyNova portal.

While students who complete the survey will be providing information that can be used to help create a safer and healthier campus community, there are few, if any direct benefits to their participating. We anticipate minimal risk for students participating in the survey. Some of the language used in this survey is explicit and some participants may find it uncomfortable and/or triggering.  Questions are asked in this way so that students are clear on what each question is asking.

If, at any time, a student wishes to talk with someone about the issue of sexual violence at Villanova and/or available resources, they can visit and utilize this resource guide to identify 24/7 and confidential resources at Villanova and within the local community.

We truly appreciate the time that it takes to complete the survey. As a “thank you” for completing the survey, and consistent with our Augustinian value of Caritas, $1 will be donated (for every completed survey) to one of the following organizations that serve those impacted by sexual violence:

Following the 2015 and 2018 surveys, numerous discussions were held with our community about the climate survey results. These discussions included students, faculty, staff and University leadership and allowed Villanova to facilitate open dialogue about this critical issue, review the survey results with key groups, and talk about available resources and ways in which we all can help.  Once the 2021 data is analyzed by OSPIE, the University anticipates holding similar discussions.  

The University holds ongoing conversations about this issue in order to continue to expand and strengthen our services and resources to address and eliminate sexual violence within our community.  More information regarding the University's prevention and education efforts can be found on the Health Promotion website.

The 2015 and 2018 survey results can be viewed by logging into MyNova and searching “Sexual Violence Climate Survey”.  

Questions or concerns regarding this survey can be directed to Villanova's Title IX Coordinator, Ms. Ryan Rost (610) 519-8805


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