Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence: An Introduction

Sexual Violence Resource Guide

Villanova University seeks to foster and maintain a community of mutual respect and concern for all of its members. There can be no greater violation of the terms of that community, or of the essential dignity of any member of it, than an act of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct. These acts constitute the deepest affront to University standards and will not be tolerated in any form.

All members of this community – students (current and applicants), faculty, staff, applicants for employment, persons doing business with or acting on behalf of the University, and visitors to campus – are protected and share in responsibility for creating and maintaining an environment that promotes the safety and dignity of each person. Towards that end, Villanova provides the framework for eliminating sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other sexual misconduct from our community, preventing its recurrence, and addressing its effects.

Anyone making a report, filing a complaint, or participating in the investigation or resolution of an allegation of a sexual assault, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct is protected by law and Villanova’s Policy from retaliation. The University will take prompt responsive action to any retaliation.

For the full policy please see, Villanova’s Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Other Sexual Misconduct Policy 

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