About LSD

Drug Classification: Hallucinogen    Drug Schedule: I

Addiction Potential: Moderate

Modes of Administration:
Oral (liquid)
Intranasal (snorted into the nose)

Onset of Drug Effect(s): Onset of effects from LSD use generally occur within 30-90 minutes of ingestion and last up to 12 hours in higher doses.

Drug Action(s): The effects of LSD are unpredictable with each use and with each user.  They depend on the amount of the drug taken, the user’s personality/mood/expectations, and the environment in which the drug is used.

Acute effects on the mind and body include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Increase in body temperature/heart rate/respiration
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vivid hallucinations
  • Altered sense of time and space
  • Great risk for personal injury and fatal accidents
  • Dramatic mood swings

Long terms effects on the mind and body include:

  • Physical exhaustion
  • Psychosis, schizophrenia-like symptoms
  • Adverse drug reaction
  • Flashbacks
98% of Villanova students have never used LSD.
LSD has never been a widely used substance - even in earlier generations.