Bystander Intervention Training

We know that:

  • Most problems begin in group settings where we are less likely to intervene.
  • Friends are usually in a better position to do something.—You will be in a situation in which you can help in the future.
  • We all have a responsibility to look out for one another.

As bystanders, we all have a choice: do nothing, do something to prevent or stop a situation from worsening, or do something to make the situation worse. We are all called, as Villanovans, to do something to prevent or stop a situation from worsening. There are many ways to intervene. Register for bystander intervention training as an individual or as a student organization to learn more about resources and how to effectively intervene in situations involving alcohol and sexual violence at  

Join more than 3,000 Villanova students who have already completed bystander intervention training today!

Most students at Villanova would intervene in a situation to prevent sexual violence.
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