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The Office of Health Promotion's new rewards program helps you thrive...365 days a year!  Throughout the year, THRIVE 365 programs, events and initiatives will focus on the whole person on topics ranging from fitness and sleep to stress management and nutrition! We hope that you strive to THRIVE 365!

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Thrive 365 Fall Menu

The Office of Health Promotion’s Thrive 365 is a fun way to challenge yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle! Throughout the year our office will host a variety of programs and events that will focus on various aspects of health, including fitness, nutrition, stress management, healthy relationships, and sleep. By engaging in our Thrive 365 programs and events, students can earn Love Bucks that can be exchanged for prizes and swag! Other ways that students can earn Love Bucks include:

  • Completing our Bystander Intervention training 
  • Completing our One Love Escalation Workshop
  • Scheduling any type of one-on-one consultation in our office
  • Participating in other challenges throughout the year

Prizes include:

  • Thrive 365 hats for monthly winners
  • Portable charger
  • A $100 Amazon gift card for our 2020-2021 winner. 

Winners are selected by the number of Love Bucks they receive throughout the month, semester, and year.  For more information, email