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One Love Escalation Workshop

One Love Escalation Workshop, Wednesday October 27 at 6-7 pm. All are welcome. Founded in 2010 to honor the memory of yeardley love, one love works with young people across the country to raise awareness about the warning signs of abuse and activate communities to work to change the statistics around relationship violence

This October 28, the Office of Health Promotion will be facilitating the One Love Escalation Workshop at 6:00pm. This workshop focuses on dating violence and may be potentiall triggering for anyone who has experienced or witness any form of dating or domestic violence. Campus and community support people will be on site throughout the workshop should anyone need or want to speak with someone.

Check out the One Love Escalation trailer below.

Small group discussions following the film screening will be led by members of POWER (Peers Offering Wellness Education & Resources). the SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator) team, and other students and staff who have been trained to lead this workshop.