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The Application Process

VEMS accepts applications once per year, typically beginning at the start of the Fall semester. The VEMS application process is broken into several steps. Fill out this survey to get an application when they open in the fall.

Step I: Informational

Come meet and talk with us to learn more about what VEMS is all about! You can find more information at the Fall activity fair (August), or come down to our building 24/7.

Step II: Submit an Application

Once you have decided that you want to join VEMS, you must submit an application to begin the formal application process. Applications typically go live in late August and are open through mid-September. To submit an application, click "Submit an Application" on the left hand navigation link.

Step III: First Round Interview

After your application has been submitted, you will be contacted to schedule a first-round interview. This interview is not formal. You will meet with 2-3 members of the general VEMS membership who will ask you some questions in an effort to get to know you better. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions of them that you may have to learn about VEMS on a more personal level. This interview will last approximately 15 minutes.

Step IV: Second Round Interview

If, after your First Round Interview, you are selected to return for a Second Round Interivew, you will receive an email to schedule one. This interview is more formal, and consists of a panel of Villanova EMS Executive Board members. The focus of this interview will be more directed towards understanding your reasons for joining and your level of committment. This interview will last approximately 20-30 minutes.

Step V: Ride Along

An offer to participate in a ride along will be extended to the final pool of the most qualified and exceptional candidates. This offer is yet another chance for you to get to know VEMS better, and for VEMS to get to know you. The ride along is an all-night experience, and will involve you staying over at the VEMS Headquarters for an entire duty shift. You will also be afforded the opportunity to ride along on any calls that are received during the course of your shift.

Step VI: Admission

After the ride along process is completed, a final group of individuals will be carefully selected for admission into VEMS. Final admission will be conditional upon successful completion of a Federal background check and school disciplinary review. A New Member Orientation day will be scheduled for all newly accepted members.

Our Location

Health Services Building

Villanova EMS is headquartered in the Health Services Building near the Villanova University main entrance on North Ithan Avenue.