Group Counseling

Each semester there are several groups offered, during which one or two psychologists meet with a group of 5-10 students sharing a common concern. Examples of such groups include Eating Disorders, Concerns about Alcoholic Parents, Healthy Relationships, and Adjusting to Freshman Year.

Information about the Groups

  • When:  New groups form at the beginning of each semester (September and January).
  • How:  Please phone the Counseling Center at 610-519-4050, or stop by Health Services Building room 206, to set up an individual appointment to meet with the group leader
  • Where:  All groups will meet at the Counseling Center, 206 Health Services Building
  • Who:  All groups are led by a professional staff counselor from the University Counseling Center

Current Groups

If you do not wish to join a group, you may seek individual counseling to deal with any of the issues covered in group.

Adjusting to Villanova

This group is open to undergraduates having difficulty adjusting to being at Villanova this semester. Appropriate group members include freshmen, transfers, students who studied abroad, and students who for some other reason are having difficulty feeling "at home" this semester. Topics will include missing family and friends from home, coping with changes in habits and routine, and developing new relationships.

Adult Children of Alcoholics Support Group

The group is intended for students who would like to address personal issues related to the misuse of alcohol by their parents. The group will provide a safe, supportive environment to explore the experience of being the child of an alcoholic parent.

Eating and Body Image Group

This group is offered for female students who are struggling with concerns about food and weight. The group offers a confidential place to share feelings and learn how to cope with difficulties with eating, weight and body image.

Continuing Therapy Group

The Continuing Therapy Group is for students who are interested in on-going therapy and who have been in therapy regularly for several months. You may want to continue to delve into concerns that you explored in previous therapy. You may be interested in receiving input from others in a group therapy format. You may have been through individual treatment at the Counseling Center. You may be in or have been in individual therapy off-campus. You may have had long-term therapy in the past. This group is not for students in crisis or who require intensive treatment.