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Counseling Services

Individual Personal Counseling

Many students make use of individual counseling, whereby they can discuss personal issues in a setting that assures confidentiality, provides a private setting, and the comfort of meeting with a caring and experienced professional who can help them identify stressors and constructive ways to cope. (more...)


Some students experience more difficult psychological challenges that are not typical of the normal developmental process. Students who need to be seen more than once a week, need to be seen for more than a semester, or in any other way need services beyond the scope of the Counseling Center will be assisted in finding a practitioner in the community who can best meet their needs.


Psychologists are available to parents, students, faculty and administrators who are concerned about another person’s psychological wellbeing. Confidentiality and privacy prevents our psychologists from discussing a student we have seen in counseling, unless we have the student’s permission. However, by hearing a description of the conditions that have caused concern, and by asking you a series of questions, we can get a good sense of the severity of situation and help you determine the best course of action.

Counseling Groups

Each semester there are several groups offered, during which one or two psychologists meet with a group of 5-10 students sharing a common concern. Examples of such groups include Eating Disorders, Concerns about Alcoholic Parents, Healthy Relationships, and Adjusting to Freshman Year. (more...)


If a student is in urgent need of counseling, we provide help as soon as possible. On weekdays, the student may call or stop by the Center and tell the Administrative Assistant of the urgency of their needs. (more...)

Educational Programs

Educational programs are offered on topics such as adjusting to college, forming trusting relationships, recognizing and handling depression, helping an eating disordered friend, and avoiding sexual assault. If you wish to request an educational program for a specific group of students, faculty or staff, please send an email to the Executive Director, ( stating the topic, audience, and a few proposed dates and times. We present educational programs in academic classrooms, campus symposia, residence halls, sororities and fraternities, and many other forums.