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Emergency Information

On Campus Student Emergencies

If a student is in urgent need of counseling, we provide help as soon as possible. On weekdays, students may call or stop by the Center and tell the Administrative Assistant of the urgency of their needs. After hours and weekends, students may go to:

  1. Their RA
  2. Student Health Center
  3. Public Safety

All of these agencies can either directly help the student or connect the student with appropriate resources. If a student has a life threatening emergency, they should be taken to the nearest Emergency Room, usually Bryn Mawr Hospital. A student might experience an emergency when away from campus or while visiting friends or family. To locate emergency mental health services elsewhere, see the section below.

Emergency Services for Non-Students or for Students Away from Campus

Students sometimes seek help for non-Villanova visitors, for family members or friends in other parts of the country. In the chart below, you will find links to websites through which you can locate services elsewhere. A person in crisis can go to the nearest hospital for emergency care or referral to an appropriate setting.