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About Us

College is a period of great personal growth. Among students’ challenges are: separating from family, becoming self-sustaining adults, building satisfying friendships, negotiating conflict, making responsible decisions, clarifying values, and establishing an individual identity. Many students make use of counseling to assist them with their personal development. The counseling process helps students learn more about themselves, identify coping strategies, and emerge with enhanced self-confidence.

The University Counseling Center provides services that help students function optimally with regard to emotional, academic, social and psychological issues.

Who Uses the Counseling Center

Services are available to all students currently taking classes toward a degree.  Most students using the Center are free of any mental illness. Our staff is experienced in supporting students through the normal developmental challenges of their current life stage. The Center is well used by our student leaders and academically most talented students. For students who encounter a more difficult condition such as depression, anxiety, panic, or disordered eating, the staff is also experienced in diagnosis, crisis intervention, and brief treatment of these conditions. However, because the Center is able to provide only short term counseling, students needing counseling with these more serious conditions will be referred to practitioners off campus.  The Counseliing Center will help facilitate the referral.

Scope of Service

Some students experience more difficult psychological challenges that are not typical of the normal developmental process.  Students who need to be seen more than once a week, need to be seen for more than a semester, or in any other way need services beyond the scope of the Counseling Center will be assisted in finding a practitioner in the community who can best meet their needs.


Room 206, Health Services Building , (610) 519-4050. The building is located at the Main entrance to campus, from Ithan Avenue, across from the Pavilion and the Business School.


All services are free of charge to current students.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments are scheduled by phone or in person Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm. There is usually less than a 3 day wait for an appointment, and students can be seen the same day if necessary.

Confidentiality and Privacy

All contacts with the Counseling Center are confidential, except in situations where laws or ethics require notification of a family member.

The Counseling Center does not release any information regarding whether a student has used our services nor matters discussed in counseling. Except under certain specific circumstances, no parent, dean, faculty member, or other student can get access to information about you without your permission. Here are the exceptions:

  1. If the psychologist believes that there is danger to self or others, safety considerations will prevail, and the psychologist will notify appropriate family members or other authority. Such disclosure is for the purpose of providing the necessary care and protection of the student.
  2. Our staff members are required by Pennsylvania law to report suspected child abuse.
  3. In very rare circumstances, the court may order the release of confidential information. If you would like information disclosed to a specific person, please discuss this with your psychologist, who will help you think through what is in your best interest, and proceed accordingly. 

In order to provide the best quality care, counselors may consult with each other about your concerns and about the work we do with you.