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March 25 Update from the Provost

Provost email header with Villanova seal

March 25, 2020

Dear Faculty and Students,

I am pleased to provide details on enhanced course grading options available to Villanova students for the Spring 2020 semester. I am grateful for the suggestions and feedback of many in our Villanova community—including faculty, students, staff, academic leadership and the University’s Academic Policy Committee—in helping to craft these options.

In summary, all Villanova undergraduate and graduate students—excluding at this time those in the Widger School of Law (see note below)—may choose to earn Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades rather than normal letter grades in any course in which they are enrolled this semester. Please see below for specific details and more information.

As a reminder, the University continues to offer learning support, tutoring and career services online. These areas all have comprehensive websites and are ready to offer their services online. We encourage students to use these resources, which include: 

We remain committed to delivering a quality Villanova education, and thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our best to navigate the host of issues with which we continue to be faced. We hope that this option helps alleviate some of the stress and anxiety many of you may be experiencing during this difficult time.

Finally, please know we wish you and your family safety and good health during these unprecedented times.

Warm regards,

Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD

Spring 2020 Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading Option Details (see also: FAQs for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading FAQs for Spring 2020)  

  1. All undergraduate and graduate students may select S/U grading for one or more of their courses, including those that were designed from the beginning to be online.
  2. The Fitzpatrick College of Nursing will award S/U for all clinical practice courses rather than allow students to choose.
  3. The University and colleges have waived the normal rules restricting the use of S/U grading in Spring 2020 as follows:
    1. There is no limit on the number of courses for which a student may choose S/U grading.
    2. Courses in which a student earns an S grade will count toward the core curriculum, major, minor or certificate.
    3. All undergraduate students, including those in their first year, may choose S/U grading.
    4. The signature of the student’s adviser is not required for a student to select S/U grading. However, students are encouraged to consult with their advisers or staff in their colleges’ advising offices before electing this option.
  4. The S/U grade will continue to not count toward a student’s GPA.
  5. The S grade value remains a C grade or better; the U grade is for a C- or lower.
  6. Students have until the day after final grades are due to decide to use S/U grading in one or more of their courses. This approach allows students to see their final grades and then decide if they want to use S/U grading in a course. For the large majority of students, the deadline will be May 12, 2020.  Note: Some courses using a non-standard academic calendar will have a different deadline. 
  7. The student’s decision to select S/U grading is final.
  8. In order to select S/U grading, students must complete and submit an online form. The Office of the Registrar will notify students when the form is available.

Important note: These updated policies do not apply to Widger School of Law students. See Law School Pass/Fail Grading FAQs: Spring 2020 for more information.