Student Health Center

Student Health Center

Welcome to the Student Health Center

The Student Health Center at Villanova University provides a safe, caring, respectful, and confidential environment and advocates healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.
Located in the Health Services Building at the Villanova University main entrance on Ithan Avenue, across from The Pavilion and Bartley Hall, the Health Services Building also houses the Counseling Center and the Office of Health Promotion.


All students need health insurance throughout their term of enrollment at Villanova.  Health insurance is mandatory for all domestic, undergraduate matriculated students, all international students, and all law school students.  Undergrad students must either enroll in the school sponsored plan with United Health or waive out of the University sponsored plan by showing proof of comparable coverage.  Failure to waive out of the University sponsored plan will result in automatic enrollment and billing for the University plan at the beginning of the school year. College of Professional Studies (Part-time Students), Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Graduate students taking six or more credit hours, and Ph.D thesis continuation student must purchase their own insurance.  For more information regarding the school sponsored plan, and the enrollment/waiver process, please visit the website

Incoming Student Prerequisites

Health Records

The Villanova University Student Health Record is required for all full time undergraduate students upon matriculation. Failure to submit a completed Health Record will result in a hold on registration for future classes. Please download from the right side column, the Health Record Form (pdf) ,or (doc).  The completed health forms must be submitted to the Student Health Center by July 1st.


Immunization requirements are included in the Student Health Record. The immunization requirements for Villanova University are consistent with the recommendations of the American College Health Association.

Health Record Form
* Health Form 2019.pdf
WORD Version
* Health Form 2019.doc
PDF Version

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation

Academic School Year
24 hours a day
7 days a week

Physician & Nurse Practitioner
Appointment Hours
Mon-Th  8am - 6:30pm
Friday    8am - 4:30pm
Sunday  9am - 5pm

Exceptions include holidays and scheduled breaks

Summer Hours
Monday through Thursday
8am - 4pm
8am - 12 noon

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FLU Information

H1N1 virus info
Symptoms of the FLU
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Pains
  • Fatigue and weakness

FLU symptoms and treatment information
Click Here for more information about the FLU