Student Experiences

Consider all the experiences individuals have that others may not know about. With this in mind, it’s critical to realize new (and active) members may:

  • Struggle with depression or other mental health issues
  • Have experienced sexual violence and may be struggling with the aftermath
  • Hold identities that are not visible
  • Be part of a family with a history of alcohol and/or other drug abuse
  • Have suffered the loss of a family member or close friend
  • Struggle with addiction
  • Have a history of suicidal thoughts
  • Take medication for or participate in counseling for mental or physical health
  • Have been abused physically or emotionally in previous relationships
  • Have been hazed or bullied previously
  • Simply not feel comfortable with certain activities or behaviors required of them


Click here for non-emergency reporting. 

In the case of an emergency situation:

  • Call 911 if off-campus
  • Call Villanova Public Safety at 610-519-4444 if on-campus