Hazing Prevention

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Student leaders and their executive boards are called to demonstrate respect, dignity, and care for each member of their student organization.

  1. At Villanova University, we expect those responsible for educating new members into student organizations to ensure all students feel empowered and treated with dignity and respect. Any activity, which includes giving “orders” or “requests” that students feel obligated to “obey,” will not be tolerated, as it creates a power difference and threatens the sense of trust and community that Villanova University is built on.

  2. Villanova University has traditions, and so do many of our student organizations. It is expected that traditions align with the mission of your student organization and of Villanova University. It is also expected that these traditions have a positive impact. Student organizations should not engage in any behaviors that attempt to instill fear, intimidate, or cause undue anxiety. Student leaders and all students are called to demonstrate respect, dignity, and care for each and every student.

  3. Students should never be required, coerced, or asked to do favors or tasks for other members of a student organization. Inappropriate favors or tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Buying or providing food or other goods for members
    2. Running errands for members
    3. Providing transportation services for members
    4. Excessive physical exercise
    5. Schoolwork


In the case of an emergency situation: