Phi Sigma Kappa (ΦΣΚ)


In the firm conviction that my fraternity demands of me a life of faith and purpose.

I hereby solemnly declare my faith in the wisdom and love of God; in the dignity and worth of my fellowmen; in the strength and beauty of true fraternity; in the history and future of my country; and in the traditions and program of my alma mater.

Henceforward, therefore, it shall be my purpose to remain forever true to this, my fraternity's faith in me and in turn to preserve and promote courageously and unselfishly the chosen ideals of our mutual affection and common endeavor.

To this end I dedicate my life to the maintenance of this faith and the pursuit of this purpose so that the ideals of Pi Sigma Kappa being embodied in me, may be fulfilled in my character and cindct, and be known and honored by all men.

By these things I stand.


Phil O'Neill
Assistant Director of Student Development for OSFL
Phone: 610.519.7282

Jessi McPherrin 
Assistant Director of Student Development for OSFL
Phone: 610.519.7285

Marian Moran
Administrative Assistant for OFSL
Phone: 610.519.7280

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