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Student Life Mission Statement


To provide programs, activities, and services that advance the development of students - intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, and physically - within a learning community committed to Catholic values and the spirit of St. Augustine.

Core Values of the Student Life Staff

In accordance with its Mission, the Student Life staff believes that:

  • Helping students connect their experiences in the classroom to their lives in the community is at the heart of what we do.
  • Mutual love, respect, and compassion should guide all interactions.
  • Social Justice and service are core values of a Villanova education.
  • Villanovans are stewards of the community and are called to a spirit of selflessness to promote the common good.
  • Personal growth is an on-going process through which students develop values, faith, autonomy, identity, and emotional stability.
  • Student development is enhanced by collaboration among faculty, staff, students, and parents.
  • Each person teaches others and learns from others.
  • Individuals are responsible for their behavior and accountable to each other and to the community.