Who's Who Application Instructions

Application Deadline is September 4, 2018.

After reading the following instructions, access the application using the link at the bottom of the page.


Use these tips to navigate each step in the application:

  • Use the SAVE button if you need to save your work and continue at a later time.
  • Click the RIGHT ARROW button to save and advance to the next step. 
  • Click the LEFT ARROW button to save and return to the previous step. 
  • Use the RESET button to remove any unsaved changes you have made. 
Navigation buttons 1
  • SUMMARIZE ALL will provide a preview of all information entered, and EDIT ALL will allow you to once again make changes.
Navigation Buttons 2
  • Use the WHO'S WHO MENU to navigate to any step in the application. The Profile page must be completed first before navigating to other pages. 


Step 1: Profile

Complete the required fields in the General, Address, and School Information boxes. 

profile page screen shot

Step 2: Villanova Activities

Click the green ADD NEW ACTIVITY button to create a new activity and enter all required fields. You may enter as many Villanova activities as you wish.

add a villanova activity

If you wish to remove an activity, click REMOVE THIS ACTIVITY.

Remove Activity


Step 3: Non-Villanova Activities

Enter a non-Villanova activity in the box provided and click ADD TO LIST. You may enter as many non-Villanova activities as you wish. Activity names are limited to 40 characters. 

All non-Villanova activities will appear in a list, and will automatically be alphabetized. To remove an activity, click the X next to the activity name. 

non-villanova activities

Step 4: Awards and Honors

Enter an award or honor in the box provided and click ADD TO LIST. You may enter as many awards and honors as you wish. Award/honor names are limited to 40 characters.

All awards and honors will appear in a list, and will automatically be alphabetized. To remove an award/honor, click the X next to its name. 


Awards and Honors

Step 5: Recommendation 

Enter the required information of the person you have asked to submit a Letter of Recommendation (BE ACCURATE).

You MUST use the individual's Villanova email address. 

Check the authorization agreement, and click SUBMIT REQUEST. After submitting, the status of your recommendation will appear along with an option to resend the request if necessary. 

When the Letter of Recommendation is submitted, the status will indicate it was received. 

The person listed will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the Letter of Recommendation electronically on your behalf.



Step 6: Preview and Submit

Your full application will be displayed on this page. You are able to edit each section as needed by navigating directly to that section. 

The application can be updated until the deadline of September 4, 2018 at 11:59pm.

After the deadline, you will be able to view your application, as well as check if your letter of recommendation has been received, and re-send your letter of recommendation request, if necessary. You will not be able to update any other information after the deadline. 

Once you are finished previewing your application, click SUBMIT MY APPLICATION. You will receive a confirmation message on the screen and then may exit your browser. You will also receive a confirmation email that you application has been submitted and is ready for review.


Click HERE to access the application and log-in using your Villanova username and password.


Who's Who Application Deadline is September 4, 2018