About Us

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In an effort to help create this community, we believe that:

  • Students should join this community with an understanding that the sacrifice of individual preferences is sometimes necessary for the good of the greater whole.
  • Students experience growth and learn personal responsibility when they are provided with clear parameters of acceptable behavior and are held accountable for their actions.
  • The Code of Student Conduct must be implemented in a fair, impartial and consistent manner with the primary focus on the education of the individual and preserving the welfare of the Villanova community.
  • Student personal concerns should be addressed with sensitivity, and resolutions should preserve the dignity of the individual while maintaining the values of the University.
  • Students are ambassadors of the University, and as such they are held responsible for their conduct beyond the University’s physical borders.
  • Accomplishment of our mission requires collaboration with University and local constituents.

Off Campus Living

The Dean of Students Office serves as liaison with local township officials and civic associations. In its role as liaison with the local community The Dean of Students Office publishes Crossroads - A Student Guide to Living Off Campus to assist students with this important transition.

House Calls

In addition to non academic student concerns, the Dean of Students Office coordinates a 'house call' visit in the Fall to new incoming students in their residence hall rooms to help with the transition to college life.

Neville Distinguished Student Award

Villanova recognizes and honors senior students with the Dr. Richard A. Neville Distinguished Student Award. These students, through their leadership ability, service to the Villanova community, and academic achievement personify the values of Villanova University. The Dean of Students office directs the application, review and award process.