Transfer Students

Villanova welcomes you to our campus community and will continue to support and offer programs of interest that will make your transition to Villanova a smooth and helpful one.

About the Program

Transfer Orientation provides students the opportunity to meet other upperclassmen transfer students beginning their first year at Villanova. The programs and activities scheduled for these groups will focus on the issues that are most important to transfer students. Transfer Student Orientation is also a great way to find out how you can become involved on campus and speak to veteran transfer students who have successfully made the transition to Villanova. More specific information for Transfer Students will be available in the spring.

Most importantly, Get involved! -- it's the best way to get your Villanova life off to a great start!


An Important Safety Tip when using a RIDESHARE service (Uber or Lyft):

  • Always make sure you are getting into the RIGHT car by asking "Who are you here to pick up?"
  • BEFORE you get into the car. The real driver will have your name.
  • Also, check the license plate number and the driver’s picture in the app to make sure you are getting in the right vehicle.
  • Consider using the app feature to share your ride status with a trusted contact.
  • If in doubt, do not get into the car.
  • Call 911 if off-campus or 610-519-4444 if on-campus should you not feel safe.

Marie Schauder
Director for Housing and Operations
Stanford Hall

Dillon Eppenstein
Director for Residential Programs
Stanford Hall

Kathy Byrnes
202 Dougherty Hall

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

January Transfer Students

Watch for more information to arrive in the mail in early January. You will also be contacted by the Dean's Office of your College with information about your academic program. Please contact the Orientation Officeif you have any questions - (610) 519-7208.