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"My learning community gave me my best friends. They were the first group I felt comfortable around on campus and they made me feel known. It was only a week into my first year when I realized that I would instinctually refer to my dorm room as my "home" in conversation on campus, and I attribute that entirely to my learning community family." (Simon, ‘21, Leadership)

"My learning community gave me a unique opportunity to learn more about Villanova while forming friendships with my peers, which helped ease my transition into college. I left my learning community knowing how to use my strengths to succeed in my remaining years of college and beyond." (Tyler, ‘21, Healthy living)

"My favorite part of being in a learning community was creating this small family of classmates. In the classroom discussions we were all able to know each other on more than a surface level which strengthened our relationships compared to a normal ACS class. We all bonded and continued to spend time with each other after class and on the weekends as well." (Maanav, ‘21, Global Perspectives)

"Being in a learning community, you’re able to surround yourself with people that not only challenge you but build you up and inspire you and be your best. I learned to be a leader on campus, I learned to be passionate about the things I love, and I learned I have an everlasting network of friends from my learning community who will support me." (Madison, ‘20)

"My learning community truly made my Villanova experience the best it could be. Being surrounded by a group of people who knew and supported me for being myself gave me the confidence to grow tremendously my freshman year and beyond. I have my learning community to thank for the people I call my best friends to this day. My learning community really made Villanova feel like home, and that is something I will always be incredibly grateful for!" (Julia, ‘21, Leadership)

"The Leadership learning community helped me feel more comfortable because I saw the group 4x a week and they became a friendly face around campus. They were the people I met up with for breakfast in the SPIT before class and still talk with today. The learning community created a place where my fellow classmates and I could discuss our successes and challenges as freshman." (Emma, ‘20, Leadership)