The mission of Villanova's learning communities is to enhance student learning by creating integrated learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom as students transition to college life.

The Learning Communities have 3 main components, all of which will add to your Experience as a First-Year Student at Villanova!

  • The Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS) is a discussion-based class with about 16 students.  In this intimate setting, students read texts, engage in conversations about the "big questions," and get to know each other and their professor.  ACS focuses on the heart of human experience: Who Am I? What does it mean to be human? How should I interact with the world around me?
  • Students in most of the learning communities live together on south campus in one of the residence halls.  Because students are living and learning together, friendships form quickly and the students bond into a community that is uniquely strong.  Learning Community students often find their "friends for life" in this first-year experience.
  • Students select a theme that they'll explore as part of their learning community experience.  The themes (listed to the right) serve as the focus of the learning community.  The theme is explored in a one-credit discussion class that meets weekly in the residence hall.  Each theme is housed together in a designated hall on south campus.  

"Participating in a learning community provided me with a close knit group of friends.  The Hall became my home away from home." (Marjie, Business Student)

Students in the learning communities are also offered special opportunities to attend plays, concerts, lectures, and dinners off campus, with their professors, classmates, and hallmates.  The professors seek to create meaningful educational experiences both in and out of class.

Resident Themes

Commuter Theme

"We would teach and learn from each other, sadly missing any who were absent and blithely welcoming them when they returned.  Such signs of friendship sprang from the hearts of friends who loved and knew their love returned, signs to be read in smiles, words, glances and a thousand gracious gestures." 

"So were sparks kindled and our minds were fused inseparably, out of many becoming one."  

        St. Augustine, Confessions, IV, 8, 3