How do I opt into a Learning Community?

When completing your housing contract, you will have the option to select a preference for being for a First-Year Learning Community. The learning communities at Villanova are centered around a “THEME” that is explored in both a one-credit workshop style discussion class and in the Augustine and Culture Seminar class (ACS).  Students in a themed learning community also live together in a residence hall on South Campus.  When signing up for a learning community students are asked to specify a first choice and second choice theme. Students can also indicate whether they have a preferred roommate. The preferred roommate must also opt into the learning community.  Please note that most students do not indicate a preferred roommate.

Students are placed in a learning community based on a variety of factors, including date of housing contract completion, available space in the community, gender, and college. We let students know whether they were placed in a learning community at the same general time that housing assignments are made available, typically in July.

The HOUSING CONTRACT will be available to students who have paid their deposit on February 28 (early decision or early action) or on May 1 (regular admits) at

More information on learning communities for resident students can be found here.

Commuting students apply to be in the Commuter Leadership Learning Community. More information is available here

How do I join?

How do I join?

Information about Learning Communities is sent to all accepted new students in early April. You may select a first and a second choice themed option. You may also select just a first choice.

FAQs about Learning Communities



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