Creativity on the Page

3 students facing the sun and raising their V

As you begin college, you have a new opportunity to create your own life and write your own story.  Imagine sharing this adventure with classmates and professors who, like you, love reading and value creative thinking.  In the Creativity on the Page Learning Community, you will read ground-breaking literature, think about the history of world-changing ideas, and develop your own ability to write both critically and creatively.  Whatever profession you choose, you will benefit from this intense focus on literature and creative ideas as you solve problems, make discoveries, and develop your mind.  Students in Creativity on the Page will:

  • Take a specially-designated section of the humanities seminar Augustine and Culture (ACS) for a full academic year with other students in your learning community.  In the ACS class, you will -
    • Read a variety of innovative ancient and modern writers, focusing on their new ideas, approaches, and styles of expression.  These writers did not follow conventional wisdom; they introduced new ways of thinking that have influenced people across time and around the globe.
    • Focus on close reading as a skill that illuminates the richness of literature.  Close reading allows ideas to emerge from both content and form.
    • Improve writing skills for traditional critical essays as well as reflective and creative pieces.
  • Participate in a weekly one-credit workshop in the residence hall that will allow students to work with creative writers and foster their own creativity through poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.  Students will also come to appreciate how writers have met challenges, broken norms, invented solutions, and ignited change.
  • Meet successful current authors who come to campus to discuss their creative processes with students through the Villanova Literary Festival.
  • Attend poetry slams and writing festivals in the area.
  • Submit at least one creative piece to a literary publication on- or off-campus.
  • Take a field trip that relates literature to other creative endeavors.
  • Live together in Good Counsel Hall on south campus.

Being in Creativity on the Page means....

Professors who are committed to learning in and out of class

Dynamic weekly conversations with your classmates about stories, poems, essays, and creative ideas

Community within your hall and the chance to build strong friendships that last a lifetime

Connections to faculty, administrators, Junior or Senior students, campus life, and your own classmates

Explore your creative potential and free your imagination