Art and Culture

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Theatre Groundbreaking

When you were little, were your favorite toys your Etch-A-Sketch and finger paints?  Did you make your family sit through shows in which you were the star?  Have you ever laughed aloud at a good comedy or been moved to tears by tragedy or found yourself transfixed by a painting or sculpture?  Do you love music so much you have your own theme song composed in your head?  Do you wonder what inspires poets and novelists when they write?

Whether you are a performer, an artist, or a lover of the arts, the Art and Culture Learning Community will help you develop a sense of  citizenship and personal responsibility with a special focus on art, music, performance, and imaginative interpretation. 

Art & Culture

Students in Art and Culture will:

  • Take a specially-designed section of the humanities seminar Augustine and Culture  (ACS) with other students in their Experience community, focusing holistically on the question of "Who Am I" in relation to the fine arts, through an examination of art, plays, and critical discussion of imagination and literature:
    • Attend musical and theatrical performances on and off campus
    • Explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • Attend gallery events on campus
    • Engage in creative writing and projects
  • Participate in a one-credit workshop style class that meets weekly in the residence hall, called Villanova Experience (VEXP), which will:
    • Explore effective ways to communicate about a variety of issues relevant to the first-year college experience
    • Engage with the arts and culture on and off campus
    • Discuss artistic projects with directors, actors, artists, and musicians
    • Explore the ways in which the arts impact us in daily living
    • Offer opportunities to work in small groups
  • Live together in Katharine Hall on south campus
  • Enjoy a more enriched academic and co-curricular experience because of student and faculty interactions in and out of the classroom, creating a stronger community for first-year students

Being in Art & Culture means ...

Professors who are committed to learning in and out of class

Dynamic weekly conversations with your classmates about issues that matter

Community within your hall ... strong friendships that last a lifetime

Connections to faculty, administrators, Junior or Senior students, campus life, and your own classmates

Explore the Arts ...  campus and in the surrounding area

Nurture your passion for music, performance, or literature

Look at the world through the eyes of culture through the ages

About the Community

Students selected will be enrolled in designated sections of ACS and VEXP that corresponds to their Learning Community theme, along with the appropriate housing assignment.  Learning Communities are open to all first-year students in all colleges.  The one-credit VEXP class is an addition to the normal course load, and runs from the beginning of Fall semester until Spring Break.  It is designed not to interfere with other academic requirements.

Art & Culture Teamwork

Art & Culture Teamwork