Learning Communities For First-Year Students

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What are Learning Communities all about? Learning Communities are an opportunity for freshman to live and learn with other students in order to enhance students’ college experience and include co-curricular cultural events related to the course as well as activities and programs within the residence hall. They are also about:

  • a holistic approach to living and learning during your first year at Villanova.
  • centered around a theme, such as: Leadership, Healthy Living, Global Citizenship, Art and Culture, Environmental Leadership, Faith and Reason, Gender and Difference, Caritas: Service Learning, Creative Writing.
  • the intentional pairing of a student's housing assignment and an academic course assignment: the first year seminar course, called Augustine and Culture Seminar (commonly called ACS), a class that all freshmen take.
  • opportunities to get to know classmates, hall mates and a faculty member in and out of the classroom.

The HOUSING CONTRACT will be available to students who have paid their deposit on
February 28 (early decision or early action)
or on May 1 (regular admits) at www.housing.villanova.edu


"Living in a learning community my freshman year was the best decision I made after deciding to come to Villanova.  Having my ACS class with people who were also in my learning community allowed me to build amazing friendships both in and out of the classroom.  The small, tight knit group that grew over the course of the year gave me the confidence to participate not only in my ACS class, but also in my other classes.  The conversations we had were stimulating, and everyone felt comfortable because of the strong group dynamic we created."  

Mary, College of Nursing, Class of 2017

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