Highlights 2012-2013

Villanova's Learning Communities Highlights of Fall 2012 & Spring 2013


The Leadership Learning Community took a trip to Gettsburg April 6, and 7, 2013.

Group of students from the Leadership Learning Community
Students from Leadership Learning community


Ralph Gigliotti's Leadership Learning Community visited Germantown High School and presented a Leadership Workshop.

Leadership Workshop Students


Leadership Community
Gernmantown High School, Villanova Students Leadership Workshop


Leadership Community


Moriarity Christmas Dinner

Moriarity Christmas Dinner - Learning Communities

Environmental Leadership Fall Presentations

Students in Learning Community
Learning Communities Students

Fall presentations and Mural from the Environmental Leadership Presentation.

Learning Communities Student Group
Mural of Projects


Genesis Farm Visit - October 26-27

Chara Armon’s Environmental Leadership class went on an overnight trip to Genesis Farm’s. Check out our blogs - Environmental Leaders and No Beaten Path.

Learning Communities  - Genesis Farm Trip

Leadership Learning Community - Fall Events

VU's male Leadership Learning Community enjoyed the Challenge Course, dinner at Chipotle's and a special dinner at Dr. Kelley's home. This Learning Community is lead by Dr. Nancy Kelley and Ralph Gigliotti.

Leadership Learning Community-Fall 2012
Ropes Course - Balancing Teamwork
Dinner at Dr. Kelley's
Ropes Course
Ropes Course


Delurey Goes to Philly - September 30th

The Delurey community traveled to Phillly  on
Sunday, September 30, to enjoy some great food from Pat’s and Geno’s, and who did they see but Sofia Vergara from Modern Family!  They all had a fun time.

Delurey Goes To Philly

Moriarty Barbeque - September 7th

Moriarty Barbeque with Dr. Daly

Moriarity Barbeque
Moriarity Barbeque

Moriarty Walking Tour of Philly with Dr. Daly - September 9th

Billy Penn and City Hall
Sitting by the fountain in Philly
Delurey Visiting Philly

Environmental Leadership Learning Community - Longview Farm in Collegeville - September 8th

The students in the Environmental Leadership Learning Community visited Longview Farm in Collegeville. They weeded the strawberry field, saw beehives, chickens, orchards, gardens and heard about the characteristic values and practices of organic agriculture.  The students enjoyed a picnic lunch and bought fresh produce in the farm's market.

Students at the Longview Farm
Students at the Longview Farm, Collegeville


Students picking strawberries ta the Longview Farm


Southwest Community Builder Social - August 30th

Grilling smores at the barbeque

Dancing the night away
Double Dutch

Line Dancing the Maracena
Gettysburg Trip - Canon and students
Gettsburg Trip
Professor and students

Students in Blankets - Gettysburg